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About us

We are Danish distributors  and retailers of Airush, Shinn boards, Trickboards and many other brands.
We sell top quality water sports equipment. One of our focus areas is the offer of exciting and wide selection equipment for female kiters.

We stand for sustainable development and therefore we sell EU-produced brands.

We focus on customer service.


E-mail: [email protected]

E-mail:  [email protected]


We are the only distributors of Shinn and Trickboard brands in Denmark. We also have a great choice of Airush products (kitesurfing brand). Our focus is on these brands because we would like to provide a good quality in good price to our customers. All products are made in EU. 

Designed by Mark Shinn, the Kiteboarding World Champion of Freestyle.  Shinn is the effect of Mark’s huge experience and knowledge about the kitesurfing industry. The company is fully focused on kiteboard production. Thus, the high quality is provided and it gives a wide range of boards adjusted to the customers’ needs. Shinn favors innovative solutions – over the two seasons they have been producing hydrofoils adjusted to different levels of kitesurfing.

TRCKBRD LOGO 2016-09.png 

Trickboard is an innovative compact tool for exercise, consisting of a roller and board. Balancing on hard
rubber roller activates proprioception – communication from muscles to the brain. Trickboard is a great
combination of fun with  comprehensive training – there are countless creative options for exercises. Therefore, it gives a solid preparation for other sports, especially the board sports. 

Airush Kiteboarding

"Whether you are taking your first steps onto a kiteboard, or setting up for the final maneuver to clinch a world title, we have designed and engineered our kiteboarding equipment to deliver the best performance for the way that you ride. From butter smooth flat water to 10-foot surf, you will find the perfect setup to suit your riding style.”  The Airush Collective