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2013 Airush Sector V3

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Sector V3

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SIZE: 66x182 cm

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Introducing the widebody revolution 3 years ago, the Sectors set the benchmark for light wind performance in an easy to use package. As we evolved the third generation, the true versatility of the Sectors has emerged. The Sector V3 introduces the concept of a carving configuration in smaller sizes, while ensuring that all sizes can be used competitively in open racing formats such as slalom, long distance and racing.


The Sectors feature a unique progressive ride configuration, where all sizes have a cohesive feel but become more maneuver oriented in the smaller sizes, and more light wind and racing oriented in the bigger sizes. Each board is offered with an optimized fin set for its primary use, and with the option to change the fin sets to vary the key performance characteristics.

For more detailed information check out the Airush Sector V3 Blog!




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2013 Airush Sector V3

2013 Airush Sector V3

Sector V3

Explore Your World

SIZE: 66x182 cm


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