Tilbud! 2014 Shinn Turbo 132 x 42 Forstør

2014 Shinn Turbo 132 x 42

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The Shinn Turbo focusing on your riding style. Edgy yet supreme in chop, the Turbo has an amazing balance between high-speed grip and full rail turns.


The Shinn Turbo is an all-new fusion of cross over performance, wether charging Egypt's flat Red Sea, carving Brazil's silky lagoons, surfing the messy Belgian North Sea or attacking those perfect lines where ever your next session maybe.


The Turbo can cut deep and jump high yet laughs in the face of chop and difficult conditions. Light winds or strong it's an exquisite study in the fine art of kiteboards.

Featuring all the tech you have come to expect from a Shinn kiteboard – constant curve rocker, Sneaker X foot beds, deep gloss finish and introducing an all new V twist tail outline, the Turbo has teeth nicely wrapped up in a civilized package.


V-Twist Tail Technology:

The most striking aspect of the Turbo is the V twist tail cutout. Not a blast from the pickle-forked past, this feature is crucial to the amazing blend of performance the Turbo offers.

Using a slightly stiffer, faster reacting central flex laminate means the Turbo is both alive under your feet and engaging to ride whilst on the rail but put it into a turn however and the twin tips the V creates can flex independently of each other giving the feel and the carve of a much softer board.

Hard carving and hard edging, what is there not to like.



No spray, ever, no matter how choppy, no matter what your stance is, what your carving position, where you place your pads; it’s gone, completely. The Turbo has cured it using only limited rocker curve, so it’s still efficient with a wide windrange.



The flex, grip and ease of the Turbo makes it a total joy in chop. Whether you are riding in 6 metre kite conditions, the Turbo makes it easy, relaxed and fun.



It’s a board that you can push to the ragged edge of control, without ever feeling nervous or hesitant. The first thing to come unstuck is never your stance or balance!


Even-Foot Pressure:

Every twin suffers from back foot loading, but some twins have to be ridden with excessive back foot pressure, either to stop the nose from burying when things get out of shape, or to stop you getting spray in your face. The Turbo is a joy, it feels so solid underfoot that you can shift you weight around a great deal – even 50-50 when you are tired. Ride it hour after hour and your sessions will be so much fun!



Toeside carving on a twin is always going to be tenuous. Heelside carving is better than many directional boards. Not only does it grip through the turn, without ever feeling like it’s going to pop out (the more you push the deeper into the water it sinks), but it stores so much speed – when you come out of the most aggressive of carves you are still really travelling. It’s incredible round corners.


Straight-Line Stability:

The rocker is naturally very stable with any outline, but the Turbo outline proved to be even more stable and efficient. It encourages you to push faster and harder until you can push no more. So effortless to ride; so trusting that in a straight line it never comes unstuck, which makes it perfect for experts and intermediates alike.



The ability of the board to heel-side carve without losing speed makes it excellent for wake style pop, as well as having plenty of traditional pop. Hardcore freestyle is easily within it’s grasp but for everyone who does not spend half their session unhooked the Turbo is a far superior board for multidiscipline freestyle.


Choosing your board size:
Whilst many riders still look at the length of the board when choosing their size it's much more relevant to look at the width. The length of the board can be affected by the shaping of the tip and tail - which in reality plays no part in the performance of the board.


To clarify the situation further the difference in surface are between a 130x40 and a 130x42 is approximately 260cm2 whilst increasing the length of a 130x40 to 135x40 would give an increase in surface area of less than 200cm2 - nearly 25% less!


Footbed and Straps:
The connection between rider and board can make or break the quality of your ride. Of course they should look slick but only after the function is perfect.


Shinn Kiteboarding's deep section EVA cushioning ensures luxurious comfort even during the harshest landings, whilst a carefully placed section of memory foam adjusts the surface to the shape of your feet after only a couple of hours riding. Multi-position fixation points allow you to fine tune your stance to perfection. The Shinn footstrap has been shaped to provide maximum grip on your foot with minimal pressure points and complete ease of adjustability.

All Shinn twin tips are supplied with high visibility nylon fins and deck protection plates. Shaped exclusively for us from nylon (for unsurpassed durability), this shape provides exceptional grip for it's size whilst still offering great manoeuvrability.


Core Construction:
What's inside your board will make a huge difference to how it performs. There is a lot of talk about flex but the mount of flex is just the tip of the iceberg, what"s more important is where the board flex"s and how fast it responds after that flex.


Each Shinn twin tip has a carefully engineered core that optimises these characteristics and enhances them for the target rider. Core materials, glass layup and mould shaping are all factors that help us in this area but the heart of every Shinn twin tip is comprised 'mostly' of an Alabasia wood core.


No other core material offers the same blend of consistent flex over extended periods of time, feather light weight and near indestructible durability (not to mention environmental friendliness).


Squoval Mould Shaping:
The Squoval mould accurately controls the flex through the tail and the balanced outline provides grip whilst allowing for high speed turns but all new is the adaption of the exaggerated constant curve rocker first seen on the Turbo and a revised global flex pattern that cushions your ride without sacrificing performance.

The Shinn Turbo uses a variation on a constant curve rocker through out it's length. Some years ago this rocker would have been considered to be slow to plane and poor upwind but advances in flex control, concave hull shapes and of course kites now mean it can be used to provide un-paralleled control, limitless grip and completely spray free riding in all conditions.


The 3D shaping of the deck moulds on all Shinn boards is a blend of functionality and form. The entire tail section of the board is allowed to flex in a pre-determined manner ensuring constant contact with the water and shock absorption for the rider even in the choppiest conditions whilst the central ridges reduce the torsional flex providing a surprising amount of POP for a free-ride board.


Constant Curve Rocker and Outline:
Some years ago this rocker would have been considered to be slow to plane and poor upwind but advances in flex control, concave hull shapes and of course kites now mean it can be used to provide un-paralleled control, limitless grip and completely spray free riding in all conditions.


The outline of your board works in conjunction with the rocker to define the way it will perform.


In freestyle - this outline style features more curve radius between the feet leading into straighter, larger diameter curves in the tip and tail. On the water this translates into strong edge grip, aggressive POP and fast turning when applying pressure equally through both feet.


Who is the board designed for:
For anyone with aggressive tendencies it’s so much fun. For the nervous it’s ideal, in truth this board is for everyone. Although the Turbo can be aggressive, it is NEVER difficult or uncomfortable.


Shinn Turbo - 130 x 41 - recommended weight: 70-80kg

Shinn Turbo - 132 x 42 - recommended weight: 72-82kg

Shinn Turbo - 134 x 44 - recommended weight: 75-85kg+




  • V-Twist Tail Technology

  • SQ2 Top Mould

  • Constance curve rocker

  • Full wood core

  • Supplied with BITE 57mm fins

  • Sneaker X connection system


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2014 Shinn Turbo 132 x 42

2014 Shinn Turbo 132 x 42



Komplet med Shinn Sneaker 5



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